A message from Haiti to Nepal

nepal haitiWhen I heard about the earthquake in Nepal and saw the pictures, it made me remember the earthquake that hit my country Haiti 5 years ago. I remember what that felt like: I remember the dust, the panic, the fear because you can no longer trust the ground beneath your feet. Even though Nepal is halfway around the world, I feel you are my family because I know some of the pain you are going through now.

Even in the photos and videos, I see so much solidarity between Nepalis – and I would like to ask my Nepali brothers and sisters to hold onto that. We Haitians stayed strong through solidarity in the few days after the earthquake, and then we became divided. Don’t let that happen to you – you are a proud people with so much history and culture, so hold onto that and you will emerge strong.

I said this to my friends in the Philippines after the typhoon: you are more than the disasters you suffer. You are not victims – you are survivors, you are heroes, and you will rebuild your country. Your brothers and sisters in Haiti are here to tell you that the ground will stop shaking, the dust will settle, and you will live on to build a new Nepal. And for those who have been lost today, the world will honor their memories.

In solidarity,

Louino Robillard

बल र प्रेम



    1. In the mean time of disaster your few but tons of words will be very supportive to us and our country. Not physically but ur moral support will give our people more strength to regain back…….may the departed soul of past people rest in peace in heaven….thank you…Louino Robillard


      1. Dear Robillard
        Thanks for sharing your experience and thought and encouragemrnt at this critical hour of our disaster. I hope it will help us preserve our national unity and togetherness and strength to rebuild our nation.


  1. Reblogged this on Kunjo's Kitchen and commented:
    When I first heard about the earthquake in Nepal yesterday, I immediately thought of the Haiti that was 5 years ago. Hoping that even when the spotlight fades away and the hashtags stop trending on social media, Nepal will continue to be resilient and recover as one. For now, let’s keep Nepal in our thoughts and help in any way we can.


  2. Thank you for your message. In this perilous and heartbreaking time for Nepal, my countrymen need this message of hope and optimism. May Nepal stop bleeding soon. #PrayingForNepal


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    God give strength to those who have suffered this unexpected loss. Give strength to people so that they can help each other in this difficult time. Give them strength to continue having good head on their shoulders.Solidarity and hope is what we need the most right now. I hope we rise gracefully from this pain.


  4. On behalf of the Nepalese people I thank you Louinio for your words of encouragement and for reminding me that every problem is an opportunity in disguise


  5. thanks for message Haiti i saw your message I am very happy yestday is our hestory of black day we can’t forget that day and I asked all country who know Nepal please we need your help and then i request my mother, father,sister,and brother please wait some time we need to accept neutral rules I love Nepal 😦


  6. Thank you Haiti and your words means to us, it gives us more strength to Unite in this bad situation… Thank you Once again,,,


  7. It is true. Maybe the help is coming for you, but you are survivors and you can live in peace, Don’t let it divide your people. You can keep together and strong.


  8. I really appreciate you for this 🙂 i will try my best to spread this message to everyone.
    And thanks to you 🙂 You are a life saviour sir. #respect


  9. I pray that God gives the Nepalis people strength and love while they are rebuilding themselves. My heart goes to all of you and I will keep praying for a speedy recovery.


  10. Love that idea that the ones who survive can be viewed as heroes. Things sometimes turn our worlds upside down and we need a glimmer of hope, and for me that wld be thinking of myself as a survivor and hero. Thanks from both Haiti and Jamaica


  11. really we will rebuilt it…the dust will settle again the smile will return to the lips and eyes wont see anything left broken everything will erect again and our country will walk again……the ground beneath our feet will think whatever i do they will stand again and leave us alone…..


  12. Thanks for your words for moral support Louino..
    Now the survivors (Government) should think better Nepal than before.


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